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Our Story

It All Started...

... with a little lamb named Moby.

When Moby was one day old, he stole the heart of a woman named Melissa Herron. She'd been working at the ranch where Moby was born and he became her best friend following her everywhere. As she tended to the other animals, Melissa quickly recognized the affinity she had for Moby and his family of American Blackbelly sheep. They helped her get through her day with so much joy and tranquility, she thought they were somehow magical creatures.

It was when her friend Fia Perera stopped by and said, "They are healers," that Melissa truly realized the inherent value these beautiful beasts possessed. These farm animals actually instilled peace in those around them.

In an inspired move, Melissa and Fia decided to work together to rescue these wonderful sheep from market, raising the money to buy them and move them to another ranch where they could live out their lives as therapy animals.

This is when the Sheep Heal Project was born.​