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Ryan's amazing artwork has succinctly captured the beauty and majesty of these glorious animals. You'll be seeing more of his work in the near future.

Ryan Christopher Reeves 
designer, creative team leader

Jude joins the team to help spread awareness about the amazing spiritual qualities of these gentle animals. In addition to being a writer and designer, Jude is a Spiritual Consultant.

Jude Bradley  
designer, marketing team leader

After a lifetime in the business world, Brenda has exceptional management & organizational skills. Her love for helping people, her uniquely inherent connection to animals, and her kind heart, make her a perfect Treasurer for the Foundation.

Brenda Herron 

Melissa started working on a ranch in 2015. Caring for the sheep led her down the path of meditation, self-healing studying Animal Communication and becoming a Usui / Holy Fire Reiki 2 practitioner. She works tirelessly with the Foundation by volunteering her time and energy. Coincidentally, she was born in the Year of the Sheep and shares their qualities of being gentle and kind-hearted.

Melissa Herron
Fia Perera

Fia Perera is an animal activist, actress, writer and producer and director. In addition to The Sheep Heal Project, Fia sits on the Advisory Board of VETPAW, an anti-poaching organization that employs U.S. veterans to train rangers to effectively combat wildlife poaching in Africa. Her vision is to continue to create TV content and films that make an impactful and positive change for animals, people and the environment. 

Our Team