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For Recovery Specialists

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Please Consider...

The Sheep Heal Project makes one of the Earth's most innately healing creatures available to your clientele in a safe, open air, natural environment. These photos clearly demonstrate the unique connection people experience with these magnificent animals.


Controlled studies have long proven the vital importance animal interaction has for those suffering from physical, emotional, mental and spiritual trauma. Working with sheep, and benefiting from the animals' inherent qualities; strength, patience, herd support, innocence, gentleness, trust, and pure love, truly enhances the human spirit.

Sheep are historically recognized as highly spiritual animals by nature. They incite an ethereal connective experience with humans and bring about an overall sense of well being. Whatever torment someone may be suffering, sheep interaction creates a symbiosis, a shared synergy that helps level off the extreme emotional peaks and valleys. 

Please consider bringing your clients to our ranch so they may experience, first hand, the restorative power of The Sheep Heal Project.

"One sheep in particular, Fuego, took a

liking to me, as I did to her. I felt an instant connection to her, as if she needed me as much as I realized I needed her at that moment. We stayed side by side with each other as I pet her and she nuzzled me."

                           - Mary Beth Eversole