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Our Mission

The Sheep Heal Project rescues American Blackbelly Sheep from market and creates a safe, experiential environment where they may freely interact and share their gentle nature, quiet strength and inherent wisdom with humans struggling with life challenges such as PTSD, addiction and emotional or spiritual trauma.

Through Reiki, guided meditation, and other interactive sessions, as well as professionally guided therapy programs, this remarkable flock of sheep inspire a unique and profoundly enhanced healing experience.  

Helping people heal, one sheep at a time."

The Sheep Heal Project...

The Sheep Heal Project, a novitiate California 501(c)(3) organization, is the brainchild of two remarkable women, Melissa Herron and Fia Perera. Together, they recognized the inherent, gentle healing qualities of the American Blackbelly sheep in their care and decided to work toward saving them from market so they could realize their true value - as therapeutic guides for those suffering from mental, emotional or spiritual challenges.

Working with licensed practitioners in areas like Reiki, massage, meditation, communication therapy, and other avenues of guided help, these affable animals are naturally benign and connect with people through curious, gentle, calm social interaction. People who've spent time with them attest to experiencing a deeply rooted sense of tender welcoming, as well as a shared strength.

The Zen Pen at The Spirit Dancer Ranch is a special place where visitors, clients, practitioners and volunteers can relax and commune with the flock. Take the time to mingle with these kind souls as they help lift away your worldly sorrows.

Join group leaders as they guide participants through a unique connection with the sheep. Each individual sheep is naturally drawn to different people for different reasons. Like the mystery of friendship, a particular sheep may feel drawn to you, recognizing your specific shadows and helping ease pain.

Rams, Lambs & Ewes


Sheep are amazing, multi-faceted creatures. Their complex nature subtly depicts the contrasts and paradoxes present in humanity.

The image of the Ram represents rebirth and new beginnings. Their imposing, spiral horns, while an effective and dangerous defense, speak of the circular nature of all existence. They speak, at once, of both the tenderness of beauty and of unyielding strength.


Sheep are well known for their docility, reminding us all of our constant journey toward inner tranquility. Our family of American Blackbelly sheep have an uncanny ability to connect with all different types of people and have a universally calming effect on those who interact with them.

Recovery, Renewal, Regeneration

These beautiful, highly intuitive, gentle American Blackbelly Sheep have proven therapeutic effects for those in recovery and those struggling with personal challenges. They help allow the natural healing process by removing stress obstacles. Their mere presence has an inherent and immediate leveling affect on physical and emotional tension.

American Blackbelly Sheep possess a unique ability to instill peace in those around them. They are inherently docile, loving creatures that offer much and ask for little in return. They respond to a kind touch, and unselfishly foster a balancing energy, creating a sense of healing for the mind and spirit. 


There is nothing on earth like the unique comfort of holding a lamb. There is a sense of absolute trust, honestly and pure love.

Experience a peaceful, unencumbered connection of healing energy by visiting the ranch for a one-on-one experience with these amazingly calming animals.